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Tenuta di Ghizzano

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Tenuta di Ghizzano

“When the fruit of the earth comes from a place that is in harmony with the forces of nature then it already holds the power within it to become excellent.”

The philosophy that guides the Ghizzano Estate is thus em- bodied in a handful of words which have been handed down through the generations and which point to one unequivo- cal and bright guiding star: respect.

  • Respect for the luxuriant nature that embraces our vineyards: an ecosystem made of earth and plants which we have no intention of altering in any way now or ever.
  • Respect for the place which gives us home, because the life of this territory revolves around our business in a two- way relationship in which each side constantly gives and receives.
  • Respect for the people who live and work here, because there cannot be success without the work of a dedicated team, a team that knows how to understand the distinctive features and hidden stories that lie behind each and every single face, to value them.

“These are the principles” Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini explains, “that I have proudly inherited from my father Pierfrancesco who, in turn, learnt them from my grandfather and so on and so forth, back to 1370, the year my family arrived in Ghizzano.”

These values, accordingly, reverberate in the concrete choices made. Quantity abdicates in favour of value, since we prefer to produce less and thus attain the highest quality, a quality which is capable of fully expressing those characteristics that our wine, oil and fruit bestow. All of this is done without ever betraying the style, the innate elegance and the richness of these soft, sweet hills. To follow our values through and to make our convictions tangible, since 2003 we have become pioneers of “natural” Biological Agriculture: we have banned the use of organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides on our land.

We work the soil under the wires, to control any pests as well as to oxygenate it, nourishing it with green manure, such as the sowing of seeds to provide natural nitrogenous substances. In 2006 we began to practise Biodynamic Agriculture and in 2018 Demeter awarded us the certification of Biodynamic Company.

Our roots may be ancient but we know how to communicate with innovation, too. Our agricultural enterprise, which is entirely Biological and Biodynamic, is spread over almost 300 hectares of which 18 are vineyards, 15 are olive groves, 100 hectares are dedicated to cereal crops and another 150 are woodland and poplar trees. This is the ecosystem that houses our cultivations, nestling in the hills of Ghizzano, a small hamlet perched 200 metres above sea-level on the Tuscan coast.
This fertile region, rebaptized “The Lands of Pisa”, has a strategic position being just 40 kilometres from the Leaning Tower and 40 from the town of Leghorn.

The countryside is soft and its climate mild – no violent peaks in one sense or another – all of which favour the growth of cultivations of excellence, on one of the most varied and complex soils to be found in this landscape.

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Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
Tenuta di Ghizzano
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